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December 2011
New Releases...

October 25, 2011 - Teddy Brunswick's story in The Bite Before Christmas

August 30, 2011 - The Deed is a reissue of Lynsay's first historical pubbed

May 31, 2011 - Harper Stoyan and Drina Argeneaus 's story called The Reluctant Vampire. It also involves Stephanie McGill from The Immortal Hunter

February 22, 2011 - The Heiress is the 2nd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Suzette Madison

January 25, 2011 - The Couness is the 1st book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Christiana Madison

Coming Soon...

February 28, 2012 - The Husband Hunt is the 3rd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Lisa Madison

April 24, 2012 - Christian Notte's story called Under A Vampire Moon. You get to meet Christian's cousins

A Note To Readers

Hello everyone and welcome to the second edition of my monthly newsletter. We have made some changes to it as requested by my readers so hopefully this version will be more to your liking. Please email Terri at to let us know if you had any trouble seeing this version of my e-newsletter.

Christmas is always an exciting time of year. The holidays are upon us and you, like me, may be shopping like mad trying to get those last minute gifts for loved ones. I hope you have fun fighting the crowds. So far we've had very little snow in our area. I do enjoy seeing a layer of the white stuff although I must admit it is kind of nice not to have to leave extra early for appointments to deal with icy snowy roads.

Have you noticed that there are a LOT of Christmas specials and made for T.V. movies on lately? I tried watching a couple of them last week and they were really bad. One had a talking dog and I recall there was a flatulating thief... it just wasn't good enertainment. Luckily you can't go wrong with the classics such as It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas or even Die Hard. Yes, I did say Die Hard. <G>

Recently I've been trying out all sorts of new appetizer recipes as my sisters and I are all getting together Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday together. Now that I'm up to my elbows in scallions, puff pastry, pango, mushrooms, etc. I'm thinking that perhaps we should have stuck to the classic turkey dinner... or ordered in. All I have to say about that is...THEY HAD BETTER LIKE IT cause if they don't they might end up out in the snow with the coyotes. (I'm serious about the coyote thing. I hear them howling most nights... shiver.)

As some of you may know my latest addition to the Argeneau series was recently released in the anthology The Bite Before Christmas. My novella called The Gift is about Teddy Brunswick, the chief of police of Port Henry, which readers met in The Accidental Vampire. You see Teddy is single and as the bachelar he gets many invitations to spend Christmas with his friends. Although appreciative of his friends efforts, he doesn't want to spend another Christmas feeling like the third wheel so he decided to go up north where he can celebrate Christmas on his own, alone. Only he's not the only one stranded in cottage country and lucky for him Katricia has no intenton of leaving him alone.

My next book coming out at the end of February is the third and final book in the Madison Sisters series called The Husband Hunt. It's about Lisa Madison. Lisa has always had her heart set on Robert Langley but Robert thinks of her only as a friend. After years of waiting Lisa decided that since Robert wasn't interested in her, she'd have to set her sights elsewhere. Precedence has shown the Madison sisters won't beat around the bush to get things done and Lisa lives up to her family name in this final chapter of The Madison Sisters series.

My next Argeneau story coming out in late April is the sixteenth installment in the Argeneau series called Under A Vampire Moon. It's Marguerite's son, Christian Notte's turn. <WG> I had so much fun writing his story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I really do hope you and your loved ones have a very special holiday. Merry Christmas everyone and happy New Year!



Christmas Contest

We're going to have a little fun with this contest. As some may know if you read The Gift in The Bite Before Christmas, nature came calling and not only snowed Teddy and Katricia in but they also had to deal with a bear. So being the curious explorers you are, you go for a walk and boom! You encounter a wild animal right there in front of you. What would you do?

Example: (Warning, this is a true story so some of you may have to dive for cover after reading this doozy!) You see a few years ago I was vacationing with my sister and her family. One morning we decided to go for a walk along a country road for exercise. We had gone about halfway to town and were chatting and joking around. My sister was in mid-joke when I heard what I thought might be a growl but it was so low I wasn't sure. My sister continued talking during which I strained to hear past her story and that's when it happened. The leaves shook 7 feet in the air and a very distinct growl. It was a bear and it was to our immediate right. Well my sister heard it that time and as I debated on what to do like you're not supposed to run from a bear so I was about to tell my sister to slowly back away and once we were a far enough we could start running. Only when I turned to tell her, she wasn't there. I was shocked. She was gone. I turned back to where the bear was, debated briefly on what to do and thought screw this and ran after her. I didn't even catch sight of her until I was well over the third hill and practically back at the cottage. When I was finally within earshot of her, gasping for breath I asked, "What happened? One minute you were there and then you were gone, without a word? You know a heads up would have been nice!" And do you know what my dear older sister said? She said, "I didn't have to outrun the bear. I just had to outrun you." So there you have it ladies and gents that was what my sister would do... sigh. So just let me know what you would do had you met a bad-tempered bear or a mating moose or even a cranky cougar.

Please keep in mind this doesn't have to be logical. If you think running after it with a broom would do the trick then so be it. Or donning your best faux fur and threatening to make the bear into your next favorite coat unless they skedaddled is fine. It's all up to you. Just try to keep it to a max of 300 words and send your entries to by Jan 2, 2011. Oh, and keep in mind that some entries may end up being fodder for upcoming newsletters.

(Terri enthusiastically rubbing her hands together.)


Very Scary Crossword Solutions

Here is the solution to the very scary crossword from last month. Hope you enjoyed it!



Christmas Crossword Fun!

Here is the latest crossword based on popular Christmas movies and Lynsay's latest story, The Gift, found in the anthology The Bite Before Christmas. Merry Ho Ho!

Note: Please keep in mind that the Christmas movies are not necessarily our favourites but what movie surveys have found to be the most popular. You may be surprised by one or two!


1. The name of the series that Teddy's story is a part of. (8)
3. Teddy dislikes christmas. He must not believe in _____! (5)
5. The title of Lynsay's story in The Bite Before Christmas (7)
6. This recent Christmas movie is about a man who thinks he's an ___ from the North Pole. It's also the name of the movie. (3)
7. This movie is a remake of a Christmas classic featuring Bill Murray. (8)
10. Teddy is stranded in cottage country due to a ________ that took out the electricity and made the roads impassible. (8)
13. The name of stranger who's staying in the cottage next door to the Willan's cottage. (8)
17. The original classic tale created in 1951 of a miserly businessman who comes to realize the error of his ways before it's too late. (15)
18. The name of the rogue hunter who owns the cottage next door to the Willan sister's cottage. (6)
19. The white stuff that Frosty is made of. (4)
20. Classic 1947 Christmas movie featuring none other than Kris Kringle as they try to prove this Santa is legally insane. What a bunch of scrooges! (19)
22. A fairly recent Christmas tale featuring a couple that normally jaunt off to tropical locations thereby avoiding Christmas family gatherings. Only this time they're stuck celebrating Christmas at home with their families. (15)
23. The hero of Lynsay's latest Christmas tale chalk full of love and blood. It also happens to be the name of her puppy. (5)
24. The small town up north where The Gift takes place. (Hint: It's not the North Pole!) (10)
25. What everyone loves to have but it goes by far too quickly. (8)
26. Katricia's profession. (8)
27. A Classic Christmas tale featuring Jimmy Stewart and a secon- class angel that hasn't earned his wings yet. (17)

1. The name of the Christmas movie made in the 80's about the little boy that was desperately wanted a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas? (15)
2. Teddy stayed in the ______ sisters' cottage in The Gift. (6)
4. Another classic Christmas movie featuring Jimmy Stewart. It was also the movie that You've Got Mail was inspired by. (22)
8. The all time best Christmas movie featuring a lot of guns, some nasty terrorists, and Bruce Willis trapped in a skyscraper. (7)
9. The name of the classic movie featuring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye singing and dancing up a storm to help their general's failing Vermont Inn. (14)
11. Ok... this one features little green monsters that tear up a small town (including eating a family dog) during the holidays. Don't ask me why it made it to the 'Best Christmas movies' list but it did. (8)
12. What Teddy and Katricia used to keep the cottage warm when the electricity was out? (9)
14. This only occurs on extremely cold days, is extremely slippery but impossible to see on highways and roads. (8)
15. A 1934 classic that is based on a Mother Goose rhyme featuring Laurel and Hardy as two toymakers trying to save Toyland from Barnaby. (14)
16. A Christmas story about an uptight conservative business woman (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) that goes to meet her boyfriend's eccentric, free-spirited family and finds herself way out of her element. (14)
21. The reason Teddy hates the holidays is because when his friends invite him over and he ends up feeling like a _____ _____ . (10)

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