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  December 2012
New Releases...

Nov 27,2012 Reissue of The Key, the historical that came out after The Deed.

Oct 30, 2012 The Bite Before Christmas which has Teddy Brunswick's story.

July 31, 2012 - Jeanne Louise's story called Lady Is A Vamp. This is a bit of a twist in the Argeneau series.

April 24, 2012 - Christian Notte's story called Under A Vampire Moon. You get to meet Christian's italian cousins!

February 28, 2012 - The Husband Hunt is the 3rd book in the Madison Sisters' series involving Lisa Madison

Coming Soon...

Feb 26, 2013 - Anders' story called Immortal Ever After

A Note To Readers

We wish you a Merry Christmas... we wish you a Merry Christmas... we wish you a Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year! I hope you're in the festive mood because Christmas is right around the corner.

I know the holidays can be a stressful time for many people and some of you may have even come to dread it. You just have to keep in mind what Christmas is really all about... being with your loved ones, sharing a cup of eggnog with friends, and allowing the spirit of Christmas to blossom in our hearts!

Poppycock! Holiday shoppers can be mean, the clerks are grumpy and the drivers that are bad the rest of the year are worse now. I call it the holiday crazies and if someone within your vicinity is struck with it, watch out! This syndrome, although normally temporary, can cause bouts of erratic, irrational behaviour in the victim. It's also highly contagious and can jump to anyone that the victim comes into contact with. I saw one the other day... a driver that got so mad when another car stole a spot they'd been waiting for that they parked their vehicle directly behind it, successfully blocking said perpetrator from being able to leave the much sought after parking spot until after they chose to leave.

Now I don't mean to sound like a Scrooge because I'm really not. Some shoppers are happy and they smile and often say 'Merry Christmas' if you happen to catch each other's eyes, some sales clerks seem to genuinely want to help you and there are still drivers that know the rules of the road and are actually polite. I'm just saying that perhaps our approach to Christmas should change if the holiday stresses us out so much that we are struck with the holiday crazies. The part of Christmas that I like best is getting the chance to relax and have some facetime with friends and loved ones. In this mad world, where everyone seems so busy, that is really the most important part to me.

So please have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday, whatever way you celebrate it, and I wish you all a very happy year to come. Hugs!


Upcoming Books

The next book in the Argeneau series is coming out in a couple of months. It's called Immortal Ever After and this story is about Anders. Many of you might recognize his name, as he is a rogue hunter that has appeared in a few books in the series, the most memorable of which would have been The Renegade Hunter. Immortal Ever After is about Valerie, a survivor who escapes a rogue serial killer vampire only to land in Anders' arms. He quickly discovers she could be the life mate he's waited over 600 years for. The only question is... When Anders finally explains things to her, will Valerie be able to accept Anders for who he really is, or will she only see him as a bloodthirsty vampire like the monster she escaped.


Argeneau Trivia Game

Here's a little more word play in reference to some of your favourite characters. These are based on the books you know and love! We will post the answers in the next newsletter.

1. Name the character(s) who really dislike(s) the major holidays ?

2. There's one Argeneau that has the ability to make wishes come true but does so only for the nice, not the naughty. Name the character who would best suit the name 'Santa Claus'.

3. Which character would be Cupid ?

4. There have been some nasty characters in the Argeneau series, but there's been one particularly evil character... who would be the Bogeyman ?

5. What do Mork from Ork and the Argeneaus have in common ?

6. Which Argeneau character might be seen frolicking on a tropical beach ?

Answers to last month's trivia...
1. To kill a rogue hunter of course; 2. Teddy Brunswick; 3. Alex Willan; 4. Tiny McGraw; 5. Alessandro Cipriano


Holiday Images

Here's Lynsay's 12 ft Christmas tree as well as a couple of angels that watch over her throughout the holidays. Taking a look at this photo, the one on the right looks a tad creepy the way it stares off to the right side but I blame that on the photographer (meaning me!). LOL

For those of you that are new to the newsletter, we have an archive of previous newsletters that you're welcome to peruse.

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