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Spring, the season symbolic of love and new beginnings, is finally here! 💖 So because of that, and because it's one of my favorite things to talk about, I thought it might be nice to touch on the topic of love in ALL its many forms. (Even though the love of a partner is wonderful, just as important is love of family and friends.)


Because I write romances (Well, officially anyway though I do argue there are many flavors of other genres in my stories too!) I hope that reading one of my books will bring to mind those moments of love and joy and hope in new beginnings. And as my main characters fall for one another and their families inevitably help and hinder them in the most endearing of ways, that it will also make you laugh. 🤣


Of all the books in the Highland Brides series, hands down the sexiest couples would have to be Dwyne and Geordie (Hunting For A Highlander), Saidh and Greer (The Highlander Takes A Bride), Murine and Dougall (Falling For A Highlander) and Jo and Cam (To Marry A Scottish Laird). 

Phew...the pages in these books are steaming!


Now that we've covered the spicy bits, lets take note of the sweet ones with the most endearing couples in the series, such as Annabel and Ross (An English Bride In Scotland), Elysande and Rory (Highland Treasure) and my latest Highland Brides couple, Allissaid and Calan in In Her Highlander's Bed.

And of course we should also mention the salty moments, when interference from loved ones have lead to a few headaches and many amusing situations. This probably encompasses every book I've ever written but the ones that come to mind would be Murine and Dougall's story (Falling For The Highlander), Saidh and Greer's story (The Highlander Takes A Bride) and Evina and Conran's story (The Wrong Highlander). Gotta love those who care 😂

On the home front…

The pups are crazy as usual, and have so much energy that we're trying something new. I bought some talking buttons (pic on left) to try out and see if the pups pick up on them at all... just a little starter pack to see. Our little funny man, Teddy, has found the "No!" button and his own name so randomly presses those throughout the day. And our  GG has also successfully pressed her own name here and there. Other than that there hasn't been too much activity around them but fingers crossed they'll catch the pups' interest and get used!



As for me, I'm doing the spring thing and nurturing some seeds and bulbs (pic on right). Some have grown enough that I could plant them now, but I'm waiting until the threat of frost has passed. I think my green thumb is showing! 

I'm also reading a lot right now, my own books as well as others, and have been pleasantly surprised by how entertaining my older stories are. It may sound strange, but it's been ages since I wrote these books and honestly I'd forgotten all about them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Also it's been a beat since I had the time to read more than a book here and there and I'm really enjoying this little reading marathon I'm on. (As a consequence it's also creating an itch to write that's becoming increasingly hard not to scratch!)


I hope you enjoy the spring blooms, green grass and longer days hailing this lovely season!


Talk buttons for my pups
My spring bulbs are sprouting!
Bestselling Romance Author Lynsay Sands


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