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The Highlander's Return

Highland Brides

Series Book #


Annella MacKay & Graeme Gunn

Sept 24, 2024



ISBN 10:


A bold warrior who never expected to marry meets his match in a fiery young widow in this latest installment of New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’s Highland Brides series, perfect for fans of Outlander.

Being a warrior is Graeme Gunn’s calling. While his brother William had the responsibility of the family title, Graeme left home and battled his way through Scotland as a mercenary. But with William’s death, Graeme is finally forced to return to the keep and everything he left behind, including his brother’s shy and sensitive widow, Annella Mackay. But the beautiful, fiery woman he finds at the keep is nothing at all like the quiet virgin he remembers from the wedding to his brother…

Annella Mackay came to the Gunn family with hopes for a loving marriage, a dream that shattered when her husband abandoned her. Hiding her pain, she threw herself into performing the responsibilities of both laird and lady for the Gunn clan with spirit. When she learns her husband is dead, she realizes she finally has a chance at a new dream. And though she can’t deny she finds the gruff and strong-willed Graeme attractive she won’t let him, or his kisses, deter her from her plans…

It's an explosion of passion and clash of wills from the start, especially when Graeme decides to stay and claim his title. And as together they face unforeseen dangers lurking in the shadows of the keep, it becomes difficult for them to deny that they might be a perfect match.

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The Highlander's Return
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Annella MacKay & Graeme Gunn
Annella MacKay & Graeme Gunn
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