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Why reading is good for you...

Here are a number of reasons why reading is good for you mental health...

-It reduces stress

-It can relieve anxiety and depression

-It releases dopamine (the feel-good hormone)

-It helps you sleep better

-It can make you more empathetic

So join me and pick up a book, enjoy a new adventure, and let the story take you to your happy place!

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Wanna lottsa gobbsa WooHooXtraGnarlyNRG adventures'n 7thHeaven? You're everything to me, girl; you're everything to God: ● ● Though I seem odd, 7thHeaven is odd, 2, where we can be 1. Coming, dear??

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Here's summoe without d'New Joisey axent, kapiche, wiseguy?

A 'healthy dose of cynicism' is what we ALL need togo thro this feeble, fallible, finite façade as we hootNholla to our Big Ol Magestic Mansions in the sky... however, what we DO NOT need is the whorizontal-roadkill-planet telling U.S. what we should do ●IF● those deeds stand in the way of mercy N belief in Jesus, msr. dude-withe-lude: ● ● Cya soon, bubba...

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